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Performers Management opened its doors in 1997.

The mandate was and still is to offer and provide a unique style of management to a diverse group of actors in film, TV, and commercials.

The agency is run on the premise of fewer clients, and more personal attention.

Performers Management provides clients with more than representation, we provide life coaching and branding. We believe that an agent-actor relationship needs to be built on trust, strategy, and understanding. To succeed, both parties have to be passionate and to be able to work openly together.

The agency uses marketing and forward-thinking to help clients achieve their goals.

With extensive experience over the past 24 years, connections and partnerships, we offer strong cross border relationships with U.S casting and representatives.

Michelle was approved for her U.S. Visa in 2019. With the visa, Michelle is covering the US market as a U.S manager/Canadian agent. This allows the agency to have more of a foothold on US soil, to spend more time and cultivate US relationships for a stronger future for our clients.

Performers is known as one of the leading agencies for developing new talent and rebranding experienced talent.

We believe in positive thinking, setting goals and making magic.


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